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Challenger's 427's are in great shape and have been maintained since new by the same team of marina mechanics. The boat's owner is allowed to check fluid levels and touch up the paint, but all tune-ups and engine repairs are performed by the marina's owner and a short list of selected mechanics . . . those seem to be the rules :-)

One modifcation made by a previous owner is a full length door and companionway enclosure, which, even after 20 or so years, still gets an "A" for convenience and design.

The same previous owner, though, removed the mast from the cabintop and sold it. Fortunately, it was found on another boat, purchased again, and now back in its proper place. There's a series of railroad bridges between the marina and the lake with a clearance of 16' at nominal lake level and the masthead is approximately 17' above the waterline—thus explaining why it was removed in the first place. It's currently in the workshop being modified to fit. Any part of a vessel in contact with a railroad bridge can ruin an otherwise perfect day on the lake, so the mast has been cut to fit . . . hopefully.

If there are any Commander owners who are out for a cruise in the area, head up the Intercoastal, up the Hudson River and hang a left at Albany. If you're on the Great Lakes or the St Lawrence, look for Oswego and head south and hook right on the Cayuga-Seneca Canal. From the west, the Erie Canal offers a wonderful cruise. All these routes lead to the FingerLakes region in beautiful upstate NY.

Oh, one more thing, please see the attached.